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Your One Stop Shop For All Types And Brands Of Marine Spare parts

“ASM Marine Supply” Spares is an independent trading company supplying all types and brands of marine spare parts.

We offer high quality aftermarket marine spare parts, whatever you prefer.

For machines when need of replacement by an equivalent related product, we can also supply suitable solutions.

“ASM Marine Supply” Services is a fully independent, specialist serving the global marine industry.

Also a highly valued resource for any ship owner or operator. As free traders with access to the widest source of available parts.

With combined experience spanning decades, the knowledgeable and capable procurement team at “ASM Marine Supply” Services fully understands the operational needs of clients and we engage all of our expertise to deliver outstanding service.

By using our network of Asia-based aftermarket and our procurement specialists can source and supply marine engine parts for all main and auxiliary engines. We have access to new and reused parts that are either with or without class certification, and that will meet any requirements and/or delivery schedules.

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